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Who were the aboriginals?

Aboriginal settlers arrived on the continent about 40,000 years before the first Europeans began exploration in the 17th century.
Australian Aborigines are one of the best known people and had one of the most primitive cultures in the world. They have occupied Australia at least 40.000 years and they came originally from Southeast Asia.

When an Aboriginal child was born, he began to learn to become a full member with knowledge of how to keep alive and had to learn the rules and traditions of his nomadic society. When very young, the boys followed their fathers to watch them fishing and hunting and, the girls, followed their mother helping her and trying to copy what she was doing. They also had to learn the dances to be prepared for later participations in sacred rituals.
The men had to hunt and the women had to take care of the babies and the house.

Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is the oldest living art tradition in the world.
To the Aboriginals, art was regarded as an integral part of life, not simply something that was decorative:
- Bodies were painted for ceremonies
- the markings and designs had an important significance and were taught to the young.
The designs were painted in rocks.
The most well known Aboriginal art form was the Bark (=├ęcorce) Painting. It could only be done in areas with trees with suitable bark. The Pigments were made from rocks.
The painting told stories and reflected also what was happening around them: They drew the animals of the area etc...
The art also included paintings of humans, plants and animals figures as well as abstract designs.
They had different symbols:
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external image symbol1.gif

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The dreamtime is one of the stories witches the aboriginal art is much related to. It is the period of the creation when important Ancestral beings formed the land and created life. It's when they travelled all over the land giving it its physical form.


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